Unless otherwise indicated, Gojira Fine Chemicals, LLC products are  intended as raw ingredients for manufacturing  and research use only, and are not  for therapeutic or nutritional use in humans or non-research animals. It is the ultimate responsibility of the customer to determine if the particular product is fit for their intended purposes

A functional quality management system focused on understanding your needs and delivering the correct products for your requirements.

  • Make every effort to understand your product requirements and application
  • Quality system designed to correct and prevent supplier and internal errors
  • The development of our quality management system began in August 2013

We will provide exceptional service in delivering quality products at competitive prices for chemicals and flexible packaging. Our goal is to meet your critical process needs through:

  • Knowledge and efficient sourcing
  • Understanding of grades and technical product aspects
  • Seamless and efficient delivery and receipt of products into your facility

Mitigate risks impacting your process quality and schedule

  • Develop relationships with our suppliers to understand their capabilities
  • Grade suppliers according to capability to meet quality standards
  • Conduct annual reviews of suppliers quality systems and purchasing history
  • Establish change notification agreements
  • Maintain complete traceability in the supply chain

Products packaged, labeled and delivered where and when you need them

  • We will pack in quantities and container types according to your needs
  • We will apply your special labeling as provided
  • We will hold material in reserve for release as needed
  • We will deliver to multiple locations for the same product
Our current ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate

Literature References Citing the Use of Gojira Fine Chemicals Products:

Gojira Fine Chemicls LLC  chemicals, biochemicals and biologicals products are the top quality reagents  used by many leading researcher organizations worldwide. To see some of the ultimate proof of quality, a citation of our products in a peer-reviewed publications, please review our reference publications gallery below. By clicking on the links you will see a summary of peer-reviewed articles, and you can also go to its original source to read it in its entirety.