About Us

  • Our Scope

    Gojira Fine Chemicals, LLC, a fine chemicals and biochemical branded distributor platform, was incorporated as an LLC in August 2010, by Edward S. Hardman, who is continuously serving the company in a function of President and CEO.  Gojira is located in the greater Cleveland, OH area with headquarters in Bedford Heights. The following describes the scope of the business:


    GOJIRA FINE CHEMICALS, LLC  excels in global sourcing from qualified vendors and we have top quality, traceable, transparent and sustainable processes in place... We supply hard-to-find materials and get them to our customers quickly and efficiently.  Our knowledgeable and lean team is agile in the market and make fast decisions to provide the best value and services to our customers.  We are focused on meeting research and production needs for: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic (IVD, molecular), personal care, agro-chemical and industrial companies, academic and research institutions, hospitals, and government laboratories.

  • Our Management Team

    At Gojira Fine Chemicals, LLC, we have one of the most experienced team of well-known industrial professionals, with combined management work experience of 160 man-years in the field of fine chemicals and biochemicals supply chain management, marketing and  sales and operations.  We have  one of the most qualified team in the industry. 


    TEDEdward, "Ted" S. Hardman, President & Chief Executive Officer

    Prior to starting Gojira Fine Chemicals LLC, Ted was for the 35 years with the  ICN Biomedicals Inc and MP Bio, with increased responsibilities in operations and sales management, including Director and VP positions.  Ted is a well-recognized face in the industry especially in the IVD supply chain, and in the sales management and is considered as one of the top level life science sales coaches.  You can reach Ted at [email protected]
    John GrubbDr. John D. Grubb, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer
    Dr. Grubb has over 40+ years of industrial experience with Capel, Flow Labs, ICN BIomedicals Inc  and MP Biomedicals LLC.  Over the lifetime of his career, he had a numerous high level posts in a variety of roles in R&D, Production, Product and Marketing Management, ISO9000 and Quality Control and Quality Assurance.  Dr Grubb earned his  PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular  Biology at the Thomas Jefferson University studying proteases. He is a published author of numerous articles. Dr. Grubb  is a well recognized name in America’s industrial immunology and biopharma sector.  You can reach John at [email protected]
    Miodrag MicicProf. Miodrag Micic, Chief Marketing Officer, Sc.D., Ph.D., M.T.M., CSWP, CFI.
    Mickey has over 25 years in the industry, at marketing, business development, research and product development, at MP Biomedicals LLC, Veeco  Instruments Inc, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (A U.S. DOE Facility Managed by Battelle Memorial Institute., Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Irvine.   In addition to being a Gojira CMO, Mickey currently also serves as a professor and a department chair of Department of Engineering Design Technology at Cerritos College, CA.  He is a well-recognized industry expert with over over 2,300+ citations of his articles and books. He got his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Miami, (Coral Gables, Fl), his M.T.M from Washington State University (Richland, WA), and his Sc.D. and M.S in physical chemistry and BS. in physics and engineering from University of Belgrade, (Belgrade, Yugoslavia).  Mickey is also a commercial pilot and certified fight instructor.  You can reach Mickey at [email protected]
    Greg Schwartz, Chief Operating Officer
    Greg is an operation expert with over 35 years of experience including 25 years with ICN Biomedicals Inc and MP Biomedicals Inc with a progressive career in a variety of logistics management positions in the area of  purchasing, receiving, inventory control, ERP implementation and quality assurance.  He is well known logistics expert in America’s life science industry.  You can reach Greg at [email protected]
    Foster HarrisFoster Sinclair Harris, MS., Senior Vice President, Supply Chain
    Foster is a legend in the area of chemical sourcing with over 40 years of  VP and director of purchasing experience at Sigma-Aldrich Inc, ICN BIomedicals Inc  and MP Bio LLC, prior to joining Gojira Fine Chemicals LLC..  Foster is one of the most recognized supply chain IVD and bio-pharma industry experts. Foster has an MS  degree in chemistry and MA degree in economics.  You can reach Foster at [email protected]
  • Mission Statement

    To offer exceptional service in delivering quality products at competitive prices for chemicals and flexible packaging.

  • Vision Statement

    To provide the life science market with a flexible channel to procure standard and custom chemicals at competitive pricing through our sourcing capabilities from qualified vendors.

    Our goal is to expand product and customer base in Life Science research markets by:

    1. Establishing a Quality System and achieving ISO certification.
    2. Measuring customer satisfaction and hosting five successful audits.
    3. Performing paper audits of select vendors.


    Management’s goal is to involve every employee in the continual improvement of all our quality systems by incorporating the following values.

    • Make customers the focus of everything we do
    • Recognize our people as our greatest asset

    • Treat each other with respect
    • Be fair, honest and open

    • Keep our commitments
    • Strive for excellence

  • Quality

    1. Gojira Fine Chemicals will build sustainable and profitable relationships with customers based on trust, dependability and transparency and is committed to a process of continual improvement.


          2. We will ensure that we meet our customers' requirements by:

      1. Understanding our customers’ product application and specifications
      2. Ordering products from qualified suppliers as appropriate for our customers’ needs
      3. Working within our customers’ budget goals and providing reliable delivery estimates
      4. Providing product traceability throughout our supply chain,
      5. Packaging and delivering product as needed by our customers
      6. Striving for conformity to the management system and excellent customer satisfaction
Our current ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate

Unless otherwise indicated, Gojira Fine Chemicals, LLC products are  intended as raw ingredients for manufacturing  and research use only, and are not  for therapeutic or nutritional use in humans or non-research animals. It is the ultimate responsibility of the customer to determine if the particular product is fit for their intended purposes