Gojira Fine Chemicals, LLC is an essential supplier and We Are Open  For Business! We Carry In Our Inventory, Readily Available Bulk Quantities of  Essential COVID-19 test reagents  such as: Proteinase K,  Guanidine ThiocyanateGuanidine Hydrochloride, NaI,  Sarkosyl  and  1,000+ other fine chemicals.  We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of chemical raw materials for the Life Sciences, Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare, Personal Care, Diagnostics, Veterinary, and Agro-bio industries.  Our Quality Products & Services Are Meeting Most Difficult Customers Specifications.

Gojira Fine Chemicals now has access to a complete OEM labware product line, including Tips, Multi-Well Plates & Reservoir's. We can most likely cross/exact match any of these items you might be having trouble with sourcing. We all know there have been long delays on many of these items due to Covid19 supply chain disruptions, we may be able to help you! Send us your request at sales@gojirafc.com



We have access to companies and laboratories performing organic synthesis from research grade to cGMP quality. We also have access to analytical testing such as NMR, MS, FTIR and Elemental Analysis. Contact sales@gojirafc.com to learn more or let us know your need.


Our formulation capabilities are out-sourced and include simple buffers and cell culture media. These can be manufactured for research grade or in ISO/cGMP certified facilities. Contact sales@gojirafc.com and let us know your requirements.


While most of our customers receive their product as bulk packaging, we are positioned to package according to your needs. Our flexible service includes pack size, container type (ours or yours), and labeling. When you place your order with us or inquire at sales@gojirafc.com, let us know if you have any special packaging needs.

Unless otherwise indicated, Gojira Fine Chemicals, LLC products are  intended as raw ingredients for manufacturing  and research use only, and are not  for therapeutic or nutritional use in humans or non-research animals. It is the ultimate responsibility of the customer to determine if the particular product is fit for their intended purposes

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