covid-19 alertGojira Fine Chemicals, LLC is an essential supplier and We Are Open  For Business! We Carry In Our Inventory, Readily Available Bulk Quantities of  Essential COVID-19 test reagents  such as: Proteinase K,  Guanidine ThiocyanateGuanidine Hydrochloride, NaI,  Sarkosyl  and  1,000+ other fine chemicals.  We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of chemical raw materials for the Life Sciences, Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare, Personal Care, Diagnostics, Veterinary, and Agro-bio industries.  Our Quality Products & Services Are Meeting Most Difficult Customers Specifications.  Inquire at sales@gojirafc.com



  • Chocolate Flavoring (CF1003)

  • Dried Torula Yeast (DY1001)

  • Fumed Silica (FS1006)

  • Malt Extract 50 Food Grade

  • Methyl-Red Voges Proskauer Broth

  • Potato Infusion Powder

  • Spirulina Powder

For research or further manufacturing. Not for drug, clinical or a food use in humans or human food additive use.

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